Frisco Outdoor Fitness Exercise Classes

CALEO Fitness is one of the leading names when it comes to Frisco outdoor fitness classes. We have worked hard to develop fun, effective workout sessions that allow our students to achieve their physical fitness goals.

These Frisco outdoor exercise classes are perfect for the general public, but we also offer private corporate classes that allow businesses to provide their employees with a major health benefit. We all know that many jobs require us to sit around in an office all day. With our Frisco outdoor fitness training, it allows employees to get up and move around.

Advantages of our corporate outdoor exercise classes in Frisco TX

At CALEO Fitness, we love working with public classes and with our corporate clients. There are clear advantages for businesses when they utilize our outdoor fitness classes in Frisco TX. It allows them to establish a healthier workforce, which is the epitome of a win-win situation.

Our Frisco outdoor fitness classes can lead to:

  • Fewer sick days from employees
  • Easier time focusing on work after giving their bodies a chance to recharge
  • A fun bonding, team-building experience
  • Lower health insurance premiums
  • And so much more

CALEO Fitness makes it convenient for businesses to offer our Frisco outdoor exercise classes. They are compact, hour-long classes that utilize just about every minute available to us.

Our certified trainers administer this outdoor fitness training in Frisco TX, and are very conscious of pushing students to make physical improvements, but knowing their limitations so that they can do it in a safe manner.

Try out our public classes — we have a bunch to choose from

CALEO Fitness has a number of sites for our Frisco outdoor fitness classes. We’d like to invite you to join in on one for free. Simply talk to a member of our staff and they will make sure you are scheduled. Also contact our team if you are interested in bringing our fitness classes to your business and employees.

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