Frisco Outdoor Group Fitness Workout Classes

For a unique and effective workout experience, try teaming up with CALEO Fitness and taking advantage of our Frisco outdoor fitness classes. We provide you with a social, yet judgment-free, environment in which to exercise.

These classes are open to men and women of all ages and fitness levels. That’s the beauty of the group dynamic we have created here at CALEO Fitness— everyone involved in our classes are in it for the same reasons. They want to improve their physical fitness and reap the external and internal benefits.

We offer two primary types of Frisco group workout classes:

  • Public classes: With our public classes, we strive to provide each of our students with an inclusive, supportive Frisco group workout community. You are never the odd man or woman out. When you join these public outdoor classes, you are met with encouragement, motivation and even a little friendly competition.
  • Corporate fitness classes: CALEO Fitness also works with a variety of businesses, bringing our outdoor fitness classes in Frisco TX right to their offices. Working professionals can find it hard to make time for regular exercise. CALEO Fitness brings the gym to the office and gives businesses the chance to create healthier workforces.

We want you to try one of our Frisco outdoor fitness classes before you commit to the workout regimen. That’s why all clients get their first class for free. There is no obligation — simply come and enjoy the workout surrounded by friendly, helpful people.

About our Frisco group workout classes

Just because we have fun and provide a social environment doesn’t mean that these workouts are easy or ineffective. We certainly do get down to business and help push you within your limitations for maximum benefit.

The following is a little bit of information about our group workout classes in Frisco TX and what you can expect.

  • These classes are run by trainers that are certified in group workouts, personal training and more.
  • Every class is different. This provides a variety for our students and also keeps their bodies guessing.
  • Each workout is well-rounded and provides a variety of benefits, including strength, cardio and flexibility training.
  • Despite working out in a group, you are still able to go at your own pace. We never try to push you past your limitations.

The only way to truly experience our Frisco outdoor fitness classes is to try them for yourself. The team at CALEO Fitness is standing by, ready to schedule you.

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