CALEO Fitness® was founded years ago, under another name, by an inspiring curly Q of a woman named Stevie Patrick. She was a force of positivity and love but sadly, was called home by our Savior much too soon.

Her goal, and ours, is to impact lives, break down limitations, and facilitate self discovery with exercise. YOUR BODY ACHIEVES WHAT YOUR MIND BELIEVES. It is human nature to put everything else first. Family, job, community, but you cannot pour from an empty cup.

Our mission is empowerment through physical accomplishment. Each one of your instructors has experienced that enlightenment as we travel on our fitness journeys and have been called to help others in the same way. The transformation that occurs with physical fitness is profound and to have a community of other everyday athletes seeking and maintaining the same goal is an invaluable tool of accountability and encouragement.

We are all in different phases of our individual journeys but our goal is the same: TO LIVE OUR BEST LIFE. Showing up is half the battle. Just. Show. Up. We’ll take care of everything else together.

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