McKinney Small Group Workout Classes

Instead of struggling to find an hour or two to steal away on your own and try to get in some exercise, consider joining the team at CALEO Fitness for our McKinney group workout classes. We provide our clients with a fun, safe and motivating environment to bolster their physical health.

CALEO Fitness offers both public McKinney small group training in addition to private corporate classes that are used to whip entire work forces into shape. Our service is always led by certified trainers that know how to get the most from your workout — without pushing you over your limits.

Get a well-rounded regimen in with our McKinney small group workout classes

Our group workout classes in McKinney TX were developed by industry-leading trainers that know the importance of a balanced workout. We know that different people have different goals when it comes to their workouts. With CALEO Fitness, you get a workout that stresses all the important aspects of physical training:

  • Strength: Increase your strength and tone your muscles with our McKinney group workout classes.
  • Cardio: Our McKinney group workout classes are fast-paced. The trainers get your heart moving so you can increase your cardiovascular capacity.
  • Flexibility: An often-forgotten aspect of a good workout is an emphasis on flexibility. We help our students achieve superior flexibility.

The last thing we want is for you to be intimidated from at least seeing what our McKinney small group training is all about. This is a judgment-free zone with men and women of all skill levels. We’re here to encourage each other and help push your limits.

Try small group workout classes in McKinney TX for free

Here at CALEO Fitness, we make the first class free for potential students. We want you to experience it for yourself with no obligation involved. Contact a member of our team and we’ll get you all set up with our McKinney group workout classes.

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