Plano Corporate Workout Classes

Enhance the quality of your corporate culture by leaning on the friendly staff at CALEO Fitness for fun, social Plano corporate workout classes. CALEO Fitness specializes in offering public group classes in a number of locations throughout the Plano area, but also utilizing that same expertise to build healthier workforces. 

Our Plano corporate workout programs are designed to help employees get into better shape without the intimidation that comes with many other classes and boot camps. These are judgment-free Plano corporate fitness classes that are administered by certified trainers.

This all-inclusive approach caters to men and women of all fitness and skill levels, creating corporate workout classes in Plano TX that can benefit everyone involved.


Get the most from your employee with our corporate workout programs in Plano TX

Getting your employees up and moving can increase their productivity when they do return to their work. Plus, implementing healthy practices like our Plano corporate workout classes can lead to healthier employees, which means fewer sick days and even potentially lower health insurance premiums.

We have designed our Plano corporate workout programs with businesses in mind, meaning:

  • The sessions are only an hour long so we don’t occupy too much of your employees’ time
  • We hold these corporate fitness classes in Plano TX right at your office, giving employees a chance to breath in the fresh air of the outdoors.
  • We use the group dynamic to build a sense of community. Working out in a group creates bonds and also helps with performance due to the increased motivation and encouragement.

Our Plano corporate workout classes have provided clients with vast benefits. You can harness these same benefits for your business. Contact CALEO Fitness, and we can put you in one of our public group classes for free so you can experience what they are all about.

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