Plano Outdoor Group Fitness Classes

Check out CALEO Fitness and see how we incorporate a personal training dynamic within our Plano outdoor fitness classes. It’s truly one of the most effective and social ways of getting in better shape without logging hours on a treadmill all by yourself.

Our Plano group fitness classes let you work out side by side with men and women that have the same goals as you — to get in better shape. You don’t ever have to worry about being the odd man or woman out with this form of Plano group fitness training — our classes are built around a sense of community and welcoming in new members of all ages and skill levels.


Our trainers help you reach your full potential 

While these outdoor fitness classes in Plano TX might put you in a group setting, our trainers are skilled at providing a personal level of attention for each member. That means, individually, you will be pushed to make improvements, but not expected to do too much. 

Plus, with our Plano outdoor fitness classes, you have the luxury of working out alongside men and women that will provide motivation and maybe even some healthy competition for your workouts.


Offering public and private Plano group fitness classes

CALEO Fitness specializes in public group fitness classes in Plano TX in addition to private classes, generally reserved for businesses that are looking to implement a corporate fitness program.

Despite the setting, CALEO Fitness offers the same great training from our certified trainers. Our goal is to provide an intimidation-free, relaxed atmosphere to work hard and help each of our clients achieve a level of fitness they didn’t think was possible. 

Learn more about our Plano outdoor fitness classes by contacting our team. Or, better yet, you can sign up for one of our classes absolutely for free. The first class is always free and you are under no obligation to sign up for additional classes. We just want to give you a taste of what it’s like to work out with the CALEO Fitness team.

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