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Looking for some like-minded Prosper workout partners? We have them right here at CALEO Fitness with our outdoor workout classes. We implement a group dynamic to create a Prosper workout community of sorts.

By bringing likeminded men and women together, its helps create an environment filled with encouragement, motivation and even a little bit of friendly competition. What you won’t find with your new workout partners in Prosper TX is judgment of any kind. We are all here for the same reason — to bolster our physical fitness and get in better shape.


A workout community in Prosper TX with honest, attainable goals

Some Prosper group workouts promise to get you ripped, toned and basically looking like a super model. That’s a horrible mindset to have when you approach a new workout, and for most people, it sets them up for failure. 

With CALEO Fitness and your new Prosper workout partners, you can focus on goals that matter. That means becoming healthier, making changes in your body and even helping you psychologically by celebrating physical accomplishments and milestones.


Fun, fast-paced workouts led by certified trainers

At the end of the day, our workouts, and working alongside this Prosper workout community, is fun. Yes, you read that right — working out can be fun. That’s because our certified trainers have developed classes that are always different.

This means that our Prosper group workouts are unpredictable and they are full of energy. Also, many people enjoy the fact that they are outside. Working out in a stuffy gym can get old and sometimes feel claustrophobic. That’s why we bring our group workouts in Prosper TX outdoors — rain or shine.


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The staff at CALEO Fitness wants you to get a taste for our workouts and the awesome Prosper workout partners that you can share the company of. Contact our team and we’ll get you in a class for free, just so you can check it out.

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