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Welcome to CALEO Fitness, where we offer Prosper outdoor fitness classes that are catered to men and women of all ages and fitness skill levels. We invite you to experience our workouts for yourself to see how effective they really are. In fact, we’ll make your first class free of charge.

CALEO Fitness specializes in both public Prosper outdoor exercise classes but we also offer private sessions, which are geared towards businesses and their employees. Despite the scenario in which your Prosper outdoor fitness training session is taking place, we offer a fast-paced, fun and social environment to work out.

  • Public classes: Many people shy away from outdoor exercise classes in Prosper TX because they either think that the trainer will be a ruthless drill sergeant or that they won’t fit in with the rest of the participants. Neither of these things could be further from the truth with CALEO Fitness, where we have created a community feel to our outdoor fitness classes in Prosper TX, providing you with motivation, encouragement and even some friendly competition.
  • Corporate classes: Strong physical fitness within any workforce makes workplaces more efficient. Our Prosper outdoor fitness classes can be utilized by businesses to help employees put activity in their day. Superior fitness means fewer sick days and a healthier, happier staff.

It’s really easy to get involved with our Prosper outdoor exercise classes. Simply talk to our staff to find out where classes are being offered near you. We can get you signed up. And, like we said, the first of your outdoor fitness training in Prosper TX is free of charge. 

If you enjoy the session and you want to sign up for a six- or 12-month class schedule, we’ll kick in a free water bottle for you to stay hydrated.

Kick your fitness into high gear with our Prosper outdoor fitness classes. We’d love for you to join the family here at CALEO Fitness.

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